Just published by Vicitonary, Typoholic is the latest tome to celebrate modern typography at its most playful… Typoholic features a plethora of type projects and includes illustrated, sculptural, inflatable and photographically created letterforms and alphabets as they appear on record sleeves, in graphic identities, art projects and more.

Actually, the 288 page soft cover volume, functions as two books. Open it one way to find Typoholic Font to Form which focuses on type related projects. Flip the book over and read from the other cover and find Typoholic A to Z, a compendium of recently realised illustrated typefaces.
The common thread throughout is that all the type compiled here is not of the carefully rendered text variety produced meticulously by type foundries, but rather showcases type at its most playful, experimental and exuberant. Prepare to find type formed out of food, inflatable sculptures, plants, and even train sets. Here are some images to give you a flavour of the content:

Taken from Creative Review.


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