Monthly Archives: July 2012

Amazing fresh new work by POI, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne.
Chin Chin is a restaurant serving no-frills, quality Asian cuisine in a dynamic & fast paced environment (also created by POI). The graphic identity reflects the tongue-in-cheek, youthful pop-culture attitude and POI developed multiple communication touch-points, from the ever changing rock-poster wall to the ‘Adults Only’ wine list, to the neon signage throughout.
POI also recently developed the graphic system for Chin Chin’s sultry basement bar, ‘Go Go’.
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Hands On – Interactive design in print. Edited by Victionary.
In a world glutted with mass-produced products, consumers no longer settle for machined quality. While everyday communications have been augmented by digital interactivity, some designers see the value of establishing dynamic dialogues between print matters and individuals in real life.
Thanks Queenie Ho for the images.
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