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Cool packaging update by Barcelona based Moruba. A graphic design studio made up of Daniel Morales, Javier Euba and Teresa Rodríguez. Founded in 2008 by Daniel and Javier, who both trained in Barcelona and have over 15 years’ experience. They have seen their projects rewarded with prizes, nominations and selections. Their projects have been featured in various national and international journals and books. And all the while, enjoying themselves with each and every job that comes into their studio and proud of each one when it leaves.


Does the name Victionary ring you a bell?
Well, guess what.. they are from Hong Kong. One hundred percent.
The amazing team that puts together such an outstanding collection of graphic design from all around the world was born and raised in Hong Kong.
Hats off to the editors, and also to the design team – for the amazing work that they have been doing. I want to buy all their books, just by their cover.

Also, thanks a million to Queenie! For all the images, and showing me around Hong Kong.

Click below for a closer look at their latest publication, 64 Eminent Creatives from Great Britain.
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If you live in Hong Kong, you will recognize for sure some of Whitespace‘s clientele. The K11 art shopping mall, the allways-super-busy-restaurant Nha Trang in Soho, or The Pawn in Wanchai, are just a few examples of the clients they work with. Founded in 2005, Whitespace is a branding consultancy that provides art direction and brand design for clients in the hospitality, property, fashion and luxury industries.
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