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If you though you’ve seen everything with this kind of technique, well… think again.
The final result of John Franzen’s ‘Each Line One Breath’ drawings is simply stunning.
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I’m simply mesmerized by this typeface, and its making process.
Mondra — an anagram of “random” – is a typeface designed and coded by Martin Borst.
To imitate the appearance of handwriting, each stroke style and downstroke of each character is randomized. Just like actual handwriting, no two letters are identical. The variable downstrokes transport various emotions according to their lengths – from precise and timid to brash and confident.
The typeface »Mondra« won the TDC Prize at the Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards 2012.

The Swap Show is an exhibition exchange between design studios and creative agencies from cities around the world designed to showcase and celebrate creative work internationally.
The first edition kicks off with a collaboration between studios from Barcelona and Singapore. From the Catalan city we have Hey Studio, Mucho, LoSiento and TwoPoints.Net; and on the other hand we have Roots, Foreign Policy, Bureau and Anonymous.
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